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Strategy and project management consultancy

We help businesses identify problems, deliver solutions and improve outcomes

We work in partnership to build strategies, drive change and explore opportunities for growth. We ignite ambition, unlock potential and optimise business performance.

What we do...

We are a Manchester-based strategy and project management consultancy. We work with SMEs and Corporates, public sector organisations and private enterprises. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing solutions and creating competitive advantage for ambitious companies across the UK.


Help to identify complex problems and explore alternative solutions​

Provide insights and analysis to inform strategic decisions and achieve specific outcomes

Work across a range of stakeholders to understand different perspectives and priorities

Introduce partnerships and opportunities for collaboration

Deliver resource and solutions to ensure projects run on time and budget

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We help businesses optimise performance today and drive their ambitions for the future.

 Our services include:
• Business strategy and planning
• Data insights and analytics
• Stakeholder engagement
• Scenario planning
• Operational effectiveness
• Performance excellence
• Project management
• Strategic partnerships
• Technology infrastructure
• Opportunity identification
• Coaching and mentoring


We engage with stakeholders and gather insights to understand your business needs, challenges and desired results.


We investigate and develop a comprehensive overview of barriers and bottlenecks, risks and root causes.


We map out solutions, priorities and opportunities for improvement, working collaboratively to agree a detailed plan of action.


We leverage our experience and expertise to implement practical and effective solutions that drive change, deliver outcomes and embed sustainable improvements.


We analyse and visualise next step solutions and continue working in partnership with you to explore opportunities and make long-term strategic goals a reality.


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Improved insights and informed decision making

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Better collaboration and engagement with stakeholders

Crossroads consulting provide speedier outcomes

Streamlined processes and speedier outcomes

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Greater efficiency in project delivery, timescales and costs

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Increased opportunities to scale, partner, diversify and grow

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