Case Study:

Workforce Planning Strategies and Talent Academy Launch for ambitious Software Company

SES Escrow

We were delighted to support our latest client – a family-owned business set-up 20 years ago as a contender to the market leader. Today, they stand as an established, well-regarded software provider with a stable team of 15, boasting an impressive client base of 2,500 spread across 45 countries. With a robust sales function, they run a highly profitable business with a diverse product portfolio and substantial investments in new product development (NPD) setting out an exciting path for future growth.

Despite their success however, the company faced a critical hurdle as recruitment challenges impeded their ability to onboard new customers and scale their operations further. That’s where GR Consulting stepped in. 

Workforce planning
Workforce Planning Strategies

The Challenge

Our objective was clear: devise a comprehensive workforce planning strategy to not only resolve immediate recruitment bottlenecks but also to future-proof their operations against similar challenges.

Amidst a backdrop of industry-wide skills shortages and the prospect of significant organisational changes (such as an acquisition, potential sale or exit), there was a pressing need to continue investing in R&D and explore diversification into new markets to sustain momentum – all of which required specialist skill sets, the retention of expertise from key personnel, plus a regular supply of new talent.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with key stakeholders including the MD, Company Secretary, Sales Director, and IT Director, Grassroots Consulting led a structured approach to address the business’ workforce planning needs. The process began with a comprehensive discovery workshop aimed at assessing the firm’s historical performance, current standing, and future growth projections, providing valuable insights into the organisational context and immediate barriers to growth.

One of the primary challenges identified was the existence of significant skills gaps within the current workforce, hindering the company’s ability to meet growing demand effectively. To address this, Grassroots Consulting conducted a thorough skills gap analysis, assessing existing skill sets against projected demand and capacity requirements. We were then able to develop a tailored talent acquisition strategy designed to attract and retain top-tier talent, which included advising on the set-up of a Talent Academy and an in-house Learning & Development (L&D) scheme.

Recognising the need for a structured and consistent approach to growth, Grassroots Consulting then worked with the Board to devise a comprehensive three-year plan to act as a roadmap to navigate further challenges and plan for potential organisational changes. This outlined actionable steps to scale up both the workforce and infrastructure, ensuring alignment with the company’s growth objectives while mitigating risks to critical business operations. By proactively addressing these challenges, the company was well-positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities while safeguarding against potential risks and build long-term resilience.