Corporate Governance and Business Transformation for Charity Scale-Up

The Challenge

Multiple Milestones is a national charity delivering at-home support to the families of triplets and quadruplets. Borne out of a North-West community group run by a small number of higher-order multiple parents, they became a registered charity in 2016 and gradually expanded their services across England and Wales.

By 2020, the charity had amassed a team of 18 volunteers and consultants and was delivering pre- and post-natal support to more than 50 families.

This rapid pace of growth had not been underpinned by a scale-up of strategic and operational planning, infrastructure or resource and the CIO was in urgent need of corporate governance. With a growing customer waiting list, the charity’s priorities ranged from fundraising strategy to volunteer recruitment and engagement.

The Solution

Working closely with the MD, GR Consulting began by using a range of proven insight tools and health checks to fully understand the charity’s current position.
Establishing a strategic board to bring together senior leaders and key stakeholders, we completed surveys with all volunteers to ascertain the current pain points and potential root causes.
Following this, it was clear that the charity needed to revisit their purpose and charitable aims to determine the what, how and why. By creating an ambitious and engaging vision, the GR team was then able to describe the future direction of the charity together with its immediate priorities and longer-term goals.

Having identified high-level strategic objectives for all areas of the business (from financial planning to marketing to service delivery), we were able to translate these into tactical plans and detailed actions underpinned by a restructured organisational chart and targeted recruitment plans.

GR worked with the newly formed Strategic and Operational boards to implement the changes, including training and volunteer engagement, governance and reporting structures. We helped implement new technology, compliance and quality mechanisms to capture key metrics and embed continuous improvement.

The Outcome

GR Consulting helped Multiple Milestones establish a platform for long-term growth and success. We facilitated an essential business transformation project to re-engage with their strategic aims and charitable values to shape the culture of the organisation as they continue to scale.

We leveraged our experience and expertise to provide practical and effective solutions delivered with collaborative stakeholder engagement to ensure that change is sustainable going forward.